Distant Echoes Released!

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Distant Echoes is available now through the and on . Watch this space for availability from other retailers. (Or better yet, just get the rookie card now.) It’s been a longer than anticipated process, but one well worth the effort. It’s also one that I could not have finished without the help of several people. Many friends the world over have offered their encouragement, advice, and insight. A couple have stepped up and actually had a hands-on role in the actual production of the book itself. Others have simply provided the foundation and impetus to carry through with it. I owe them all a debt of gratitude. Without them this work would never have existed. Specifically, I must thank for getting me through the final stages of editing and proofing. At times, Ti literally — if not physically — carried me on her back during those last few weeks. Editor, proofreader, cheerleader and friend thanks Ti. You really are as strong as your name suggests.
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Pardon the Mess

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Coming Soon
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Upcoming Release: Distant Echoes
Distant Echoes began as a photo essay of the nighttime world and the people in it. Not simply images of the physical, this is an attempt to capture what happens “when you climb inside what creates the sleeplessness”. That question led to something more than a simple collection of photographs. As the project evolved, it took on a different character and I began to add prose or poetry where it fit. The resulting combination hopefully brings the concept to life in a way that neither medium alone would.

The first second third proof of Distant Echoes is currently in transit and barring the need for major reworking, it should be released in late-April or early-May of 2010. Watch this space for further news!